Pet fish and fish supplies for sale in Highland, UT

Aquarium has. a wood stand refusium with kurlupa plant filteration sump and skimmer power heads circulators metal halide light system nice live rock and sand rock has coraline algey on it water jugs - gallon jugs - gallon container water change pump water testing kit. There is fish yellow tang foxface rabbit damesel pink tail trigger nygere trigger all are large. It is a realley nice system hav...
Improved filter (upgraded) exiting heater gallon tall tank (Aqueon brand) platys sail fin mollies Gouromis tetras (all rather small fish). Net tank scrubber some food quick start and stress coat liquid some substrate and small sts pebbles live plant. Major savings. Tank al was around . less about months ago. Large bell decor was also somewhat pricey. Mushroom steps decor. A blue small plant and...
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